I am trying to implement a feature into a PWA that I am working on. The user should be able to schedule a message that goes out to a target friend when the user falls asleep. I was wondering if it is possible to use the google sleep API? Or possibly make in smartwatch comparability (I have an Amazfit GTS that I can use to test).

Additionally, I would like to have the inverse of that, where a friend can schedule a message to be sent to you after X time from when you wake up.

My app has no backend at the moment, so if I need a specific backend to implement this my options are open / flexible.

Technologies I am using:

  • react
  • ionic framework
  • Your making it difficult for yourself by not going native if you want to do stuff like this. I guess you would have to develop a pretty advanced plugin to use the Sleep API. Your are really pushing the limits of a PWA here. – Edward van Raak Apr 10 at 18:41

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