I tried to convert my Angular responsive web app to an Android app (PWA). To do this I followed this tutorials:

When I launch the app the following message appears:

please install chrome dev/canary

After installing chrome dev, it works but I would like to run it as a native app without chrome dev.

What am I missing ?


The instructions on the article mentioned in the question are outdated, and using a deprecated support library.

'com.github.GoogleChrome:custom-tabs-client' has been deprecated and replaced by an official library maintained by Chrome, com.google.androidbrowserhelper:androidbrowserhelper.

You can find updated instructions on the official docs:

An even easier path is to use a tool that automates building the Android package from the PWA. The tools below are all based on Bubblewrap, which is maintained by the Chrome team to automate packaging a PWA as an Android app:

  • Ops forgot to remove my post as I found a solution before seeing your by using pwabuilder.com. I'll accept your answer for future readers as it's well explained ! – Emerica Apr 15 at 13:52

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