I am using a TDBCtrlGrid with a multi-line DBMemo in Delphi 10.3. When the panel is in focus, the behavior is normal. In unfocused panels, the text becomes a single line.

How do I make all panels look the same?

enter image description here

The value of the fields for different records is equal. First records in focus.

  • A focused cell can invoke an editor which often shows contents differently. – Brian Apr 12 at 12:38

Below is the code os a minimal test project which includes a TClientDataSet. TDataSource, TDBGrid and TDBCtrlGrid. It is intended to be completely self-contained in that all the relevant component properties and the record data are set in code in the FormCreate event. It contains a compiler define to control whether the field displayed in the TDBMemo is a TStringField or a TMemoField.

If I compile and run the project, I get this display, whether the compiler define is active or not.


As you can see, the 3 instances of the DBMemo image all correctly display 4 lines of data, as expected. Obviously, this does not reproduce the behaviour you illstrated. Perhaps by comparing this with your project, you may be able to identify why yours behaves differently. Perhaps it is to do with the contents of the DBMemo strings or the font you are using?

TForm1 = class(TForm)
  DBGrid1: TDBGrid;
  DBNavigator1: TDBNavigator;
  DataSource1: TDataSource;
  DBCtrlGrid1: TDBCtrlGrid;
  DBMemo1: TDBMemo;
  ClientDataSet1: TClientDataSet;
procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  AField : TField;
  MemoValue : String;
  i : Integer;
  AField := TIntegerField.Create(ClientDataSet1);
  AField.FieldName := 'Field1';
  AField.DataSet := ClientDataSet1;

{.$define UseStringField}
{$ifdef  UseStringField}
  AField := TStringField.Create(ClientDataSet1);
  AField.FieldName := 'Field2';
  AField.Size := 1024;
  AField.DataSet := ClientDataSet1;
  AField := TMemoField.Create(ClientDataSet1);
  AField.FieldName := 'Field2';
  AField.DataSet := ClientDataSet1;

  ClientDataSet1.IndexFieldNames := 'Field1';

  DBMemo1.Width := 150;
  DbCtrlGrid1.RowCount := 1;
  DbCtrlGrid1.ColCount := 3;
  DbCtrlGrid1.PanelWidth := DBMemo1.Width + 20;
  DBMemo1.Left := 10;
  DbCtrlGrid1.Width := 3 * DbCtrlGrid1.PanelWidth;

  for i := 1 to 3 do begin
    MemoValue := 'record: %d' + sLineBreak + 'line2' + sLineBreak + 'line3' + sLineBreak + 'line4' + SLineBreak;
    MemoValue := Format(MemoValue, [i]);
    ClientDataSet1.InsertRecord([i, MemoValue]);
  • The behavior will be produced if in your example set {$ define UseStringField} – Alex R. Apr 12 at 15:44
  • Well, I said in my answer "I get this display, whether the compiler define is active or not." What I meant was that the display I get is identical when UseStringField is defined and when it is not. – MartynA Apr 12 at 15:50

After analyzing the example code of @MartynA

My problem was with the data type of field.

Data type TStringField is displayed on one line. Data type TMemoField is displayed as multi-line.

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