I need to find what Unicode characters are supported by a font. There is a WinAPI function GetFontUnicodeRanges, but they work only for BMP (Basic Multilingual Plane). Is there any function or source code example that work also for SMP (Supplementary Multilingual Plane). I know that DirectWrite have such function but I do not use DirectX/DirectWrite in my application.


There is no reason why not to use DWrite in your app for this purpose. As you pointed out, GetFontUnicodeRanges supports only BMP, so if you want SMP or other characters you need to use something else, so why not use DWrite. You can use the IDWriteFont1::GetUnicodeRanges method to get the info you want.

  • I solve this problem parse cmap font table. The SMP characters can be encoding only in subtable format 8, 10, 12, and 13. The format 8 and 10 is not widely used, so parse format 12 and 13 is enough for my task. – Denis Sletkov Apr 14 at 0:00
  • Writing your own parser is better than using DWrite?! OK. But you can probably ignore format 13 as it's not likely useful for your purposes: format 13 is efficient only for mapping many characters to the same glyph -- i.e., it's only really useful for an ultimate fallback font in which entire blocks or planes of Unicode characters are shown with the same glyph. – Peter Constable Apr 14 at 2:12
  • Not better :) , but i do not any reason to add DWrite to application for one feature only. Anyway i already have a big portion of code that parse a font file. – Denis Sletkov Apr 15 at 14:52

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