I have a problem trying to get a webhook to interact with a bot For some reason, the bot doesn't respond to commands initiated by the webhook Is there a way to make sure it initiates? It works normally otherwise

My command:

# registering new commands that can be called by the flask webhook
async def new_message_received(ctx, trade_hash: str = ''):
    print(f'New Trade Received! {trade_hash}')
    paxful_cogs = client.get_cog('Paxful_Cogs')
    await paxful_cogs.new_trade_received(trade_hash=trade_hash)
    await ctx.send(f'{trade_hash} executed.')
    print(f'Trade Done Execution! {trade_hash}')

My webhooks are sent successfully, but the bot does not respond to them.

Bot Responds to Me, but not to webhook.


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Okay, figured it out with a lot of help from the python discord server.

async def on_message(message):
    # Manually get the invocation context from the message
    ctx = await client.get_context(message)

    # Verify that the context has a command and can be used
    if ctx.valid:
        # Invoke the command using the earlier defined bot/client/command
        await client.invoke(ctx)


Basically, we're overriding the on_message fx, checking to see if the message matches our prefix/command structure with ctx.valid and then forcing the command to be processed with client.invoke(ctx) regardless if it's from a bot/webhook or not.

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