To get a docker image's tags using the docker hub api:

curl -sL https://hub.docker.com/v2/repositories/<org>/<name>/tags

I pipe that into | jq and extract what I need.

However some images don't have an organization, e.g. mariadb.

I tried all these:

curl -sL https://hub.docker.com/v2/repositories/mariadb/tags
curl -sL https://hub.docker.com/v2/repositories/_/mariadb/tags
curl -sL https://hub.docker.com/v2/repositories/mariadb/_/tags
curl -sL https://hub.docker.com/v2/repositories/mariadb/mariadb/tags

But those give errors, or this:


How can I do this?

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I can't find official docs for this (can you?), but the trick is to use the magic string library:

curl -sL https://hub.docker.com/v2/repositories/library/mariadb/tags

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