I have tried every possible method starting from checking connection to resetting password with no special characters.

Couldn't solve the error of Invalid credentials in Citrix ADC 13.0 .

While adding LDAP authentication servers facing the same error over and over again. Have verified the account name, Base DN, Administrator Bind DN but nothing seems to work.

  • Server '' is reachable.
  • port '389/tcp' is open.
  • '' is a valid LDAP server.
  • Valid Credentials are not provided.

Even I could successfully bind from ldp.exe with simple auth (not using SSL) using the same creds. DC running on Windows Server 2016. Base DN (location of users)= CN=Users,DC=#####,DC=local Administrator Bind DN = CN=useradmin,CN=Users,DC=#####,DC=local

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I had to contact Citrix technical support to get this resolved. He had me downgrade Netscaler to version which fixed the issue. He said it was only a bug in the GUI but I have my doubts. I was originally at

  • yes it is a bug in the GUI
    – virgula24
    Sep 17, 2021 at 12:14

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