Please help - how to remove this yellow line in C++Builder: Community Edition? Screenshot

It's pretty distracting in this cozy dark interface :) I've googled this line, but failed to find.. And tried bunch of options, but failed to find this line.. :(

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    I would try to find it in color scheme options and change the color to what ever you like (or to the same color as background) ... – Spektre Apr 13 at 13:12

I'm not sure if you can remove the yellow bar, as it is integrated into the Code Editor. However, you can change its color to mesh better with your dark theme, at least.

Per the Code Editor documentation:

Change Bars

The left margin of the Code Editor displays a green change bar to indicate lines that have not been changed in the current editing session. A yellow change bar indicates that changes have been made since the last File > Save operation.

You can, however, customize the change bars to display in colors other than the default green and yellow. Select Tools > Options > User Interface > Editor Options > Color. In the Element drop-down menu, select Modified Line then change the foreground and the background colors.

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