I am writing a VSCode extension which starts an external process, and the external process needs to connect to the internet. If a user has somehow configured VSCode to use a proxy, I would like said external process to also connect through that proxy.

The problem I am trying to solve is how can my extension determine the proxy settings VSCode is using, so I can pass them to my external process?

I know that I can read the http.proxy configuration, but that solution on its own seems to have two major flaws to me:

  1. This page details several ways other than that configuration option to set VSCode proxy settings, such as VSCode reading the system proxy, or through the command line. I don't see how I could access the proxy settings in those cases.
  2. For authenticated proxies, it seems like using the http.proxy or even the http.proxyAuthorization configurations is going to require the user to write their password or auth token to a settings.json file

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