I have a c# class libary that has its own database context and Entity Framework migrations.

My solution contains a web site that references the class library as a Project Reference.

I can apply the EF migrations for the Class Library in Visual Studio from Package Manager Console by setting the default project to my Class Library and using the following command:

update-database -StartupProject MyMainWebProj -Context MyClassLibDbContext

I have created a private NuGet package for the class libary and updated the Web Site to reference the NuGet package rather than a project reference.

I cannot figure out how to run the EF migrations now that the class library is referenced via NuGet package.

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You may use the builder object of the Use*() method during service configuration like mentioned here: https://github.com/jasontaylordev/CleanArchitecture/blob/d0f133ee026aec5cd5856c5592c307b5f20fa8e4/src/Infrastructure/DependencyInjection.cs#L28

services.AddDbContext<ApplicationDbContext>(options =>
        b => b.MigrationsAssembly(typeof(SomeClassInTheOtherAssembly).Assembly.FullName)));
  • Thank you so much! I added the above to the Startup class of my Web site, (even though the context is not used in the web site - so the context is in effect just a dummy context in order to run the migrations). Now I can run migrations from the NuGet library using the standard "update-database" command from Package Manager console. Apr 14, 2021 at 10:03

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