I have a wish and don't know how to search for some possible solutions. I set up a RAD Server that serves informations via REST, works great so far. That Server has some let's call it trigger functions. One of that functions, is to import a huge set of Data from another web Service. That Import could run for about 3-5 Minutes depending on network speed. So my Problem is the following.

From my Client Application, I can call lets say: "https://myurl.com/functions/importmuchinformations"

That would trigger my Rad Server to do the Import stuff. But my Response to that request, will only appear after that whole import is done. I would like to give the client some Informations in Between. Something like "10000 Datasets imported" and 5 seconds later again the next amount of imported Datasets. But I don't now how to archive that.

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    The remote method should just schedule background job and return immediately. Then you should introduce another remote method to query the job status. – Peter Wolf Apr 14 at 7:54

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