I've opened a ticket in Quality Central on 09/2020 (RSP-30994) and there's still no answer... I use 10.3 Update 2 Pro, and I've got the latest versions.

Here it is:

Since MSBuild is used it seems that macro resolution is somewhat broken. For example if we use for Output File Name $(INPUTNAME).INC (as given in the example in the poor documentation on this subject), msbuild fails reporting error like:

[MSBuild Error] Cannot use expression "_OutputFilename = @ (InputFile -> '% (Filename)'). Inc" in this context. Item lists cannot be concatenated with other strings where an item list is expected. Use semicolons to separate multiple lists of items." (I translated from my French version).

It was working fine with previous versions of Delphi.

So actually I'm stuck as I cannot use automatic use of external build tools when sources are obsolete. One possible workaround would be to declare one external tool per file without using macros, but there's a lot of.

The question is: What is the best way to deal with this?

Note that I never used MSBuild directly as previously Delphi IDE was able to do the job by itself...

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