I searched the Delphi help half a day but can't find any Solution to my problem. There is a Delphi Client written as FMX form, but that should not be a problem here, same problem in vcl or terminal. I use the TRESTRequest -> RESTClient -> RESTResponse -> TRESTResponseDatasetAdapter -> tFdmemtable -> Livebinding -> tStringgrid construction. Everything works fine for getting the Data. But I would like to write some updates Back to that service and insert new Data. On my form there is a SAVE button. When pressing that save button my plan is to write every new and updated Dataset, written in FDMEMtable back into Webservice.

At that Point I have a really annoying Problem.

The first RestRequest returns only one String, let's say "Hello" so the TrestResponseDatasetAdapter looks to this string and get's to the decision "Okay, it's a String with Size of 5". So far so good, but the Field itself in Rest Service can handle Strings of Size 50. So when I add new Row inside the Grid and Type a new value, the Grid would only save 5 digits because TrestResponseDatasetAdapter sets my tmemtable field to size 5.

I was trying to use Fielddefs from TrestResponseDatasetAdapter wich works, but than I lose the possibility to load every new field dynamically. If it is not defined in TrestResponseDatasetAdapter it would not appear in Grid. Any suggestions?

  • What is the value of MetaMergeMode? The default Merge should allow field definitions and adding missing fields at the same time. – Uwe Raabe Apr 14 at 15:17
  • Hi Uwe, Thx for your comment. By the way, thank you for your Posts in german Delphi forums, that helped me a lot :) MetaMergeMode is set to merge and was not changed. – fisi-pjm Apr 15 at 6:15
  • Please try to provide a minimal sample showing the problem. – Uwe Raabe Apr 15 at 8:16
  • 1
    Okay, really Strange. I tryed to do a full demo project for that problem. But after creating every componentn it works as expected. I delete every componentn on my Form and create it new on my own (not with restdebugger) now everything works fine..... Thank you for your Help. – fisi-pjm Apr 15 at 9:04
  • This happens frequently. There is something else in your code which has a side effect and breaks the normal working. Now you just have to remove some features in your project until it works (The last thing will be what breaks it) or rebuild your project starting from the demo project until the bad behavior happens (And you'll know what break the thing). – fpiette Apr 15 at 11:29

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