Is there a way to make mypy happy with this code without changing class Config, at the moment I cannot change that class (using typer for a cli app). I am aware I can use # type: ignore but is there any other solution?

mypy --version
mypy 0.812
from enum import Enum
from pathlib import Path

from typing_extensions import Literal

class Config(str, Enum):
  Debug = 'Debug'
  Release = 'Release'

BuildMode = Literal["ASAN", "UBSAN", "Coverage", "Release", "Debug"]

def run_c_tests(results_dir: Path, mode: BuildMode):

configuration = Config.Debug

# mypy error: Argument 2 to "run_c_tests" has incompatible type "str"; expected "Union[Literal['ASAN'], Literal['UBSAN'], Literal['Coverage'], Literal['Release'], Literal['Debug']]"
run_c_tests(Path('apath'), configuration.value)

Mypy v0.782 does not complain on the code above but 0.812 does.


I had a similar problem as you and fixed it by using the Final annotation. eg

from typing import Final

STRICT: Final = "strict"

I found the hint here: https://stackoverflow.com/a/63892386/3787959

Annotating a variable as Final indicates that its value will not be substituted for a value of similar type. This makes it correct to infer the type as the specific Literal value, instead of just the general type.


Just to make Tim's answer clearer with minor changes on official example:

def validate_simple(data: Any) -> Literal[True]:  # always returns True

MODE = Literal['r', 'rb', 'w', 'wb']
def open_helper(file: str, mode: MODE) -> str:

from typing import Final

# open_mode = 'r' # this gets error with mypy
open_mode: Final = 'r'

open_helper('/some/path', open_mode)  # Passes type check

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