I have a vue application initiated with Vue-cli.
Vue version: 2.6.11
vue-router version: 3.2.0

Reproduction Link

Steps to reproduce
Put 3 or more forwarding slashes in the URL + an arbitrary URL and a date formatted with slashes (e.g. http://www.localhost:3000///google.com?dob=11/10/1987 and hit Enter.

Expected behaviour
See the 404 page when the URL is invalid (includes 3 or more than 3 slashes + date like that).

What's actually happening?
The app gets redirected to Google (or any arbitrary URL) including all query params even though I don't have any redirect rule and I have the following route to redirect to 404:

{ path: '*', name: '404-page', component: Page404, props: false }

I had this same issue. I updated to:

vue 2.6.14

vue-router 3.5.3

vue-template-compiler 2.6.14

and that solved the issue.

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