I have a spring boot application which connects to a existing database (jhipster gateway) in order to manipulate the database to insert user inside it. So far it works I can connect to my database and insert a user if i give one property hardcoded the Authority property of a user. But I want to send this over json and not give a hardcoded one.

this is my json request (only relevant part):

"activated": true,
        "authorities": [

this is my user entity which I use to save my user:

@Table(name = "jhi_user")
public class Users implements Serializable  {

private String authorities;

    public String getAuthorities() {
        return authorities;

    public void setAuthorities(String authorities) {
        this.authorities = authorities;

this is my save method:

public void addUser(@RequestBody Users user){
        Authority authority = new Authority();

I have a Authority class because authority connected with the user is saved on a joined table which also already exists:

@Table(name = "jhi_user_authority")
@Cache(usage = CacheConcurrencyStrategy.NONSTRICT_READ_WRITE)
public class Authority implements Serializable {

    @Column(name = "user_id")
    private Long userId;

    @Column(name = "authority_name")
    private String
            name ;

    public String getName() {
        return name;

    public void setName(String name) {
        this.name = name;

    public void setUserId(Long userId) {
        this.userId = userId;

the error I am getting is MissmatchedInputException, I know it is caused because I have authorities saved as a string in my code and sending a array through json.

deserialize instance of `java.lang.String` out of START_ARRAY token; nested exception is com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.exc.MismatchedInputException: Cannot deserialize instance of `java.lang.String` out of START_ARRAY token

But if I change authorities to array I am getting this error:

Unknown column 'authorities' in 'field list'

Inside my user class. I am kinda confused on how to fix this. Is it possible to convert my jsonarray to a single value while sending?

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    You currenty save authority as a String, which is wrong. The User Class should have a Authority object in it, with a @ManyToMany relationship, or whatever would be needed on the project. Still this way of saving it as a String is not correct. – Renis1235 Apr 15 at 12:56

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