Can someone help me port my code from void * uzFile = unzOpen("zip filename");

to use the unzOpenCurrentFilePassword from minizip ? I want to protect my zip file with a password.

I tried many times but I failed using it. Thanks

extern int ZEXPORT unzOpenCurrentFilePassword OF((unzFile file, const char* password)); /* Open for reading data the current file in the zipfile. password is a crypting password If there is no error, the return value is UNZ_OK. */

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Before you compile zlib, remove the definition of NOUNCRYPT in unzip.c. Then "unzOpenCurrentFilePassword will be enabled".

unzip.c Line 72:

    //#define NOUNCRYPT Comment this line, so unzip protected files will be enabled

Why? Among other things, the definition of NOUNCRYPT causes an absurd return in unzOpenCurrentFilePassword function.

extern int ZEXPORT unzOpenCurrentFile3 (unzFile file, int* method,
                                        int* level, int raw, const char* password)

#   ifndef NOUNCRYPT
    char source[12];
#   else
    if (password != NULL)
        return UNZ_PARAMERROR;
#   endif

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