I'm installing an application on my vps for testing. The updated version of the bitcoin core doesnt create wallets automatically as it used to. hence i'm running into some problems i haven't dealt with before (i'm not very experienced with bitcoin core in general). If anyone could help me out, i will appreciate it

Here are some logs:

-After running a script that checks everything is set correctly including btc wallet, the following error is displayed:

>     File"/usr/local/lib/python3.7/dist-packages/bitcoin/rpc.py", line 239, in _call 'message': err.get('message', 'error message not specified')})
>     bitcoin.rpc.JSONRPCError: ['code': -18, 'message': 'No wallet is loaded. Load a wallet using loadwallet or create a new one with createwallet.
 (Note: A default is no longer automatically created)'}

And this error occurs when i try to create a wallet: bitcoin-cli createwallet user1

>     error: Could not locate RPC credentials. No authentication cookie could be found, and RPC password is not set. See -rpcpassword and
> -stdinrpcpass. Configuration file: (/root/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf)

I tried to counter it with the following command: *bitcoin-cli rpcuser=user rpcpassword=password createwallet user1

I get the same error as above.

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