In our Jenkins pipeline we have following command

if(!fileExists("dist/main/sourcemaps/")) {
    sh "curl ${SERVER_URL}/${revision}.zip -o artifact.zip"
    sh 'unzip artifact.zip -d dist && mv dist/main/* dist/'

Which cause following error

mv: can't rename 'dist/main/sourcemaps': File exists

I don't understand why fileExists method doesn't check folder existence and how to fix this problem


I was smart enough to check not a destination directory, but a source directory. It should be as follows:

if(!fileExists("dist/sourcemaps/")) {
    sh "curl ${SERVER_URL}/${revision}.zip -o artifact.zip"
    sh 'unzip artifact.zip -d dist && mv dist/main/* dist/'

although we've refactored it to more bash-style implementation

if [ ! -d dist/sourcemaps ]; then
  curl ${SERVER_URL}/${revision}.zip -o artifact.zip
  unzip artifact.zip -d dist && mv dist/main/* dist/
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    I believe the error message says that the destination also exists and is a directory. – user1934428 Apr 16 at 13:14
  • I believe so as well... but if statement should also validate its existance – Timothy Apr 16 at 14:14
  • but fileExists check for a file right? and you provide a path, a directory in fact? have a look here and this solution. I believe it ran successfully at some point, created the sourcemaps dir and after that the check returns false because the path provided is not a file, thus getting the error. You could wipe your workspace anyway – Vivere Apr 16 at 15:53
  • try using mv -v to obtain some more debug – Chris Gillatt Apr 16 at 16:28
  • @Timothy: IMO, os.path.exists would be the method to use for checking existence of file or directory. – user1934428 Apr 17 at 16:51

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