I got an error message as follows: Rules base_quality_control_fetal and base_quality_control are ambiguous for the file /data/Fetal_BW_European.txt.gz. Consider starting rule output with a unique prefix, constrain your wildcards, or use the ruleorder directive. Wildcards: base_quality_control_fetal: ifetal_basedata=Fetal_BW_European base_quality_control: ibase_data=Fetal_BW_European Expected input files: base_quality_control_fetal: 1-basedata-fetal.sh /data/Fetal_BW_European_meta-NG2019.txt.gz base_quality_control: 1-basedata.sh /data/Fetal_BW_European_meta-NG2019.txt.gz Expected output files: base_quality_control_fetal: /data/results/Fetal_BW_European_meta-NG2019.txt.gz base_quality_control: /data/results/Fetal_BW_European_meta-NG2019.txt.gz Here is the code

But I am it is actually 2 different rules and produce different output files. Did I make some mistakes? Please help me to check it. Thanks in advance!

Regards, Wu

  • Please edit your question. Put the text of your script instead of a picture, add enough formatting. Otherwise your question doesn't meet the requirements and shall be closed. – Dmitry Kuzminov Apr 17 at 2:12

The message is self explanatory: there are two different rules that can produce the same file: config["output_path"] + base_data/{ifetal_basedata}.txt.gz can be resolved to the same filename in both rules.

  • Thanks! I give 2 different output path, it sovled. – user15663823 Apr 18 at 6:28

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