I implement this method in unity, Notification being received but only if I open notification tray also in the notification tray Icon of notification is blank also Notification not push(eg. Whatsapp new message).

a beginner in coding please help if you have a proper solution '''

public void Start()
        Firebase.Messaging.FirebaseMessaging.TokenReceived += OnTokenReceived;
        Firebase.Messaging.FirebaseMessaging.MessageReceived += OnMessageReceived;
    public void OnTokenReceived(object sender, Firebase.Messaging.TokenReceivedEventArgs token)
        UnityEngine.Debug.Log("Received Registration Token: " + token.Token);
    public void OnMessageReceived(object sender, Firebase.Messaging.MessageReceivedEventArgs e)
        UnityEngine.Debug.Log("Received a new message from: " + e.Message.From);


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