I'm making a Java Swing application that has the following layout (MigLayout):

where icon = jlabel and the user can add more icons

When the user adds or removes icons, the others should shrink or grow.

My question is really straightforward: I have a JLabel which contains an ImageIcon; how can I resize this icon?


Resizing the icon is not straightforward. You need to use Java's graphics 2D to scale the image. The first parameter is a Image class which you can easily get from ImageIcon class. You can use ImageIcon class to load your image file and then simply call getter method to get the image.

private Image getScaledImage(Image srcImg, int w, int h){
    BufferedImage resizedImg = new BufferedImage(w, h, BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_ARGB);
    Graphics2D g2 = resizedImg.createGraphics();

    g2.setRenderingHint(RenderingHints.KEY_INTERPOLATION, RenderingHints.VALUE_INTERPOLATION_BILINEAR);
    g2.drawImage(srcImg, 0, 0, w, h, null);

    return resizedImg;
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  • This worked like a charm! – sh00ks Sep 24 '17 at 16:12

Try this :

ImageIcon imageIcon = new ImageIcon("./img/imageName.png"); // load the image to a imageIcon
Image image = imageIcon.getImage(); // transform it 
Image newimg = image.getScaledInstance(120, 120,  java.awt.Image.SCALE_SMOOTH); // scale it the smooth way  
imageIcon = new ImageIcon(newimg);  // transform it back

(found it here)

  • great solution. shorter but does the trick! – Fritz Mar 17 '17 at 6:05

And what about it?:

ImageIcon imageIcon = new ImageIcon(new ImageIcon("icon.png").getImage().getScaledInstance(20, 20, Image.SCALE_DEFAULT));

From: Resize a picture to fit a JLabel


This will keep the right aspect ratio.

    public ImageIcon scaleImage(ImageIcon the_icon, int the_w, int the_h)
        int nw = icon.getIconWidth();
        int nh = icon.getIconHeight();

        if(icon.getIconWidth() > w)
          nw = w;
          nh = (nw * icon.getIconHeight()) / icon.getIconWidth();

        if(nh > h)
          nh = h;
          nw = (icon.getIconWidth() * nh) / icon.getIconHeight();

        return new ImageIcon(icon.getImage().getScaledInstance(nw, nh, Image.SCALE_DEFAULT));

One (quick & dirty) way to resize images it to use HTML & specify the new size in the image element. This even works for animated images with transparency.


I agree this code works, to size an ImageIcon from a file for display while keeping the aspect ratio I have used the below.

 * source File of image, maxHeight pixels of height available, maxWidth pixels of width available
 * @return an ImageIcon for adding to a label

public ImageIcon rescaleImage(File source,int maxHeight, int maxWidth)
    int newHeight = 0, newWidth = 0;        // Variables for the new height and width
    int priorHeight = 0, priorWidth = 0;
    BufferedImage image = null;
    ImageIcon sizeImage;

    try {
            image = ImageIO.read(source);        // get the image
    } catch (Exception e) {

            System.out.println("Picture upload attempted & failed");

    sizeImage = new ImageIcon(image);

    if(sizeImage != null)
        priorHeight = sizeImage.getIconHeight(); 
        priorWidth = sizeImage.getIconWidth();

    // Calculate the correct new height and width
    if((float)priorHeight/(float)priorWidth > (float)maxHeight/(float)maxWidth)
        newHeight = maxHeight;
        newWidth = (int)(((float)priorWidth/(float)priorHeight)*(float)newHeight);
        newWidth = maxWidth;
        newHeight = (int)(((float)priorHeight/(float)priorWidth)*(float)newWidth);

    // Resize the image

    // 1. Create a new Buffered Image and Graphic2D object
    BufferedImage resizedImg = new BufferedImage(newWidth, newHeight, BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_RGB);
    Graphics2D g2 = resizedImg.createGraphics();

    // 2. Use the Graphic object to draw a new image to the image in the buffer
    g2.setRenderingHint(RenderingHints.KEY_INTERPOLATION, RenderingHints.VALUE_INTERPOLATION_BILINEAR);
    g2.drawImage(image, 0, 0, newWidth, newHeight, null);

    // 3. Convert the buffered image into an ImageIcon for return
    return (new ImageIcon(resizedImg));

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