I want to extract some data from local ecommerce site, emag.ro (more precisely, all products of a certain category - this involve that the script should run through the site pagination).

The facts:

  • each page contains maximum 60 products
  • first category page is https://www.emag.ro/telefoane-mobile/c
  • after the first page increments like this: https://www.emag.ro/telefoane-mobile/p2/c

(p2, p3 and so on)

I have untill now the following code:


$categoryPageUrl = 'https://www.emag.ro/telefoane-mobile/p{page_id}/c';
$products = [];
$productsPerPage = 60;

function calculateProductIndex($page_id, $product_index){
    global $productsPerPage;
    return ($productsPerPage * ($page_id - 1)) + $product_index;

// loop all category pages
for($i=1; $i<=1; $i++){
    $categoryUrl = str_replace("{page_id}", $i, $categoryPageUrl);
    $pageSrc = getRequest($categoryUrl);
    $pageXPath = getXpathObject($pageSrc);

    // get product title
    $titleXpath = $pageXPath->query('//h2/a');

    for($j = 0; $j < $titleXpath->length; $j++){    
        $position = calculateProductIndex($i, $j);
        $title = $titleXpath->item($j)->nodeValue;
        $products[$position]['name'] = $title;

// testing the output

The issue where i am stuck is that i cannot get after the first page.

$products array is only returning 60 product titles (meaning it scrapes only the first page).

What i am doing wrong here and how can i loop through the pagination?

  • Well for starters, your outer loop doesn't loop, as 1 <= 1. – Jeto Apr 17 at 22:18
  • So it should be >=1 ? – Madalin Apr 17 at 22:21
  • 1
    It should be <= $pageCount where $pageCount is the total number of pages (which you either know in advance, or must scrap from the first page). – Jeto Apr 17 at 22:23
  • Thank you, this did the job (manual hanndling of the variable). How can i get the total number of pages from the category? – Madalin Apr 17 at 23:09

As mentioned in the comments, you need to first retrieve the total number of pages so your loop can iterate over that, instead of 1.

To do it, you can scrab the data from the first page:

$firstPageUrl = 'https://www.emag.ro/telefoane-mobile/p1/c';

$domDocument = new \DOMDocument();

$domDocument->loadHTMLFile($firstPageUrl, LIBXML_NOWARNING | LIBXML_NOERROR);

$xpath = new \DOMXPath($domDocument);

$lastPage = $xpath->evaluate('string((//a[@data-page])[position()=last()-1])');

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