I have a UDP stream of data coming from a driver, The data is in JSON format

screenshot of decoded data.

I want to use the highlighted Number field and plot the value. I believe the IO graphs are capable of doing this given that I can set the correct Y Axis and the Y Field. I tried right clicking(copy -> As Filter) on the field to get a filter string, the result of "copy as filter" is frame[111:22] == 22:50:4d:32:35:4d:61:73:73:50:65:72:4d:33:22:3a:09:31:32:2e:32:38

enter image description here

Can you please show me the way (if one exists) as this can be quite helpful in other applications as well.

Cheers, Ganindu.


  1. Here is a link to a capture file
  2. I've asked this on The Wireshark forum as well

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