I'm new in Java. I'll take the risky job of asking you a very simple question.

I have been given in an assignment wherein I need to make a client-server program in Java. The client should read some specified numbers of characters from a file and send it to server. The server will sort the data and will send it back to client.
The problem is I dont know which API to use for reading the characters.


The API is called java.io and java.net. They are default in Java. So import the packages:

import java.io.*;
import java.net.*;

Then for reading specific bytes, use RandomAccessFile at the client-side. Use the seek(long) method to go to a specific place in a file. Then you can read the data using the default read methods.

To send data to the server and vise versa, use Socket. If you don't know anything about working with sockets, use google and search for java socket. Surely check the "Related questions" you can find int the right of this page.

I answered on this question with a very long answer:
make a client server java application

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