I want to host a website with github pages and as I understood, the domain to my website will be myusername.github.io but what if I want something like custom.github.io do I need to create another github account? Or I can change that without buying a custom domain?

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    The subdomain comes from your org so you can't just change that in a setting but have to create a new org with that namespace. More infos here: docs.github.com/en/pages
    – Dominik
    Commented Apr 20, 2021 at 21:47

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You do not need to create another account for that, you can directly change the name of the repository to custom.github.io instead of repository.
As: if your repository name is example then your site is hosted at myusername.github.io/example but if you want the site to hosted at custom.github.io instead of myusername.github.io/example then type the whole custom repository link, i.e. custom.github.io in the name of the repository instead of example, then your site will be hosted at custom.github.io (if it is available).

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