This is how qBittorrent, a BitTorrent client, sorts names of files.

qBittorrent’s file sorting Disclaimer: I’m not interested in the torrent and the files, don’t know what those are, and haven’t downloaded any one of those.

How do you sort strings in Javascript in this manner? I don’t quite get the logic, but it is certainly not random.

I tried this

strings.sort((a, b) => a.localeCompare(b, "en", {
    sensitivity: "case",
    caseFirst: "upper",
    numeric: true

But this was what I got, which is not what I intended

    "7-zip ICO m1losh_1.ico",
  • What is the logic for sorting?
    – adiga
    Apr 22, 2021 at 5:56
  • Exactly, what's the sorting criteria
    – doc-han
    Apr 22, 2021 at 5:57
  • 2
    I believe "natural sorting" is what you're after. davekoelle.com/alphanum.html Dave Keolle's blog has discussion around this. This may be a different but similar question: stackoverflow.com/questions/2802341/…
    – richter
    Apr 22, 2021 at 6:04
  • 1
    I believe they're sorted by the order of the files in the torrent.
    – Brad
    Apr 22, 2021 at 6:10
  • 1
    @КонстантинВан Yeah, not saying you can't recreate the order, only that it may vary from torrent to torrent.
    – Brad
    Apr 22, 2021 at 6:23

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Sort based on:

  • Whether the item starts with a number
  • Then, based on the number of characters in the leading number
  • Then, do a natural sort

const array=["1.ico","01.ico","03.ico","04.ico","05.ico","7-zip ICO m1losh_1.ico","07.ico","7z-silver.ico","7z.ico","7z1.ico","7zfm.ico","7Zip.ico","7ZSFX.ico","7zSfxCreate_99.ico","7ZSplit.ico","7zz.ico","08.ico","09.ico","11.ico","14.ico","22.ico","101.ico","107.ico","128.ico","138.ico","777.ico","7833-ZeDudeMan-WinRar_vista.ico","exe.ico","hfs.ico","hg.ico","Icon.ico","Icon1.ico","icon17.ico","inst.ico","Install-2.ico","Install-3.ico","Install-4.ico","Install-5.ico","Install-6.ico","Install-7.ico","Install-8.ico","Install-9.ico","Install-11.ico","Install-12.ico","Install-13.ico","Install-14.ico","Install-15.ico","Install-16.ico","Install-17.ico","Install-18.ico","MAINICON.ico","momitor.ico","PSA_1.ico","qfInstall.ico","Readme!!!.txt","Token_7zip-dark.ico","Token_7zip-light.ico","wusa.ico"];

array.sort((a, b) => {
    const n1 = a.match(/^\d+/)?.[0],
          n2 = b.match(/^\d+/)?.[0]

    return (n1 === null) - (n2 === null)
           || n1?.length - n2?.length
           || a.localeCompare(b, undefined, {numeric: true, sensitivity: 'base'})


  • 2
    Yeah, this seems to be the solution. My take: jsfiddle.net/ucop0L7a
    – user5734311
    Apr 22, 2021 at 6:24

Modified @adiga and @Chris G’s code[a.][C.] a bit.

const strings = ["1.ico","01.ico","03.ico","04.ico","05.ico","7-zip ICO m1losh_1.ico","07.ico","7z-silver.ico","7z.ico","7z1.ico","7zfm.ico","7Zip.ico","7ZSFX.ico","7zSfxCreate_99.ico","7ZSplit.ico","7zz.ico","08.ico","09.ico","11.ico","14.ico","22.ico","101.ico","107.ico","128.ico","138.ico","777.ico","7833-ZeDudeMan-WinRar_vista.ico","exe.ico","hfs.ico","hg.ico","Icon.ico","Icon1.ico","icon17.ico","inst.ico","Install-2.ico","Install-3.ico","Install-4.ico","Install-5.ico","Install-6.ico","Install-7.ico","Install-8.ico","Install-9.ico","Install-11.ico","Install-12.ico","Install-13.ico","Install-14.ico","Install-15.ico","Install-16.ico","Install-17.ico","Install-18.ico","MAINICON.ico","momitor.ico","PSA_1.ico","qfInstall.ico","Readme!!!.txt","Token_7zip-dark.ico","Token_7zip-light.ico","wusa.ico"];

strings.sort((a, b) =>
    ((a.match(/^\d+/)?.[0].length || Infinity) - (b.match(/^\d+/)?.[0].length || Infinity))
        || a.localeCompare(b, "en-u-kf-upper-kn", {sensitivity: "base"})


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