I have created an android app with kotlin and it is on-demand to make it available for Web-app and IOS as well. So I searched on Google to find a way to do that and I got something like Kotlin for multiplatform and after reading that I got a point that it is possible to create an IOS app too with the same codebase.

But I don't know that the same codebase can also work for the web app or not? Or the question can be that "Is it possible to make an app for all the 3 platforms with the same codebase?"

Or I should switch to Flutter? But if I switch to flutter then I have to start migrating it from scratch. Which would be so time consuming. But I have listened, that we have to write the code for once on flutter and run it anywhere. While with kotlin I have to change many things for different platforms?

Am I right? What would be a better approach for the long term?


With Kotlin Multiplatform, you can get up to ~80% shared code between platforms, theoretically.

Yes, this means that generally your UI, but other platform specific things also will have to be rewritten for every platform.

In your case, I think it makes sense to move towards this direction. You'll have to adapt your kotlin code a bit, make the UI for Web and iOS, but you'll get native quality, and more control over the platforms. At least this is what I would choose if I already have a kotlin codebase, let me know if you have more questions

  • You mean if I choose the way to go with kotlin. So it will take less time than recreating it with flutter? And with kotlin when I update the project then I have to do changes to all the 3 platforms. So will it not take more time than flutter? I agree with your answer that if you would be in my place you choose kotlin as a time-saving approach Thanks for that. But I also want to know that would also be good for the long term? – mr. groot Apr 22 at 8:44
  • Yes, if you think about long term, probably at some point you'll miss some of the native solutions. But I'd say it depends on what you're planning to build: - For the best quality/efficiency ratio probably KMP is the best - If you just care about efficiency, flutter can be a good candidate, but if you hit a roadblock, going through the native road will be a headache – Robert Nagy Apr 22 at 9:09
  • Thank you so much, sir, Now I think I should go with kotlin. 💙 – mr. groot Apr 22 at 9:17
  • @mr.groot, also I wrote a blog about these considerations, might be a useful 6min read: medium.com/nerd-for-tech/… – Robert Nagy Apr 22 at 9:25

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