While Apache Storm offers several metric types, I am interested in the Topology Metrics, (and not the Cluster Metrics or the Metrics v2. For these, a consumer has to be registered, for example as:

 - class: "org.apache.storm.metric.LoggingMetricsConsumer"
   max.retain.metric.tuples: 0
   parallelism.hint: 1 

See also the docs. Unfortunately, these metrics seem to have a fixed reporting interval of 60s. For the Cluster Metrics, an interval can be configured, but I can`t find an option for the Topology metrics, even when looking in the source corde of storm.

So: How to configure the reporting rate for Storms Topology Metrics?

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After looking at the right place, I found the related configuration: topology.builtin.metrics.bucket.size.secs: 10 is they way to specify that interval in storm.yaml.

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