I am using latest Jhipster vesion v7.0.1 and generated monolithic client application [angular] and separate monolithic server application. I want to create separate docker image for these two application. But observed that Docker Folder is not generated in client application.

Can any one please help me here to achieve this dockerization.

  • Have you read the docs? It uses jib from maven or gradle. jhipster.tech/docker-compose/… – Gaël Marziou Apr 23 at 7:51
  • Thanks you for reply. Yes I went through doc but my requirement is to create separate client app docker image. For that I have generated separate client application using 'jhipster --skip-server' command. And when I am trying to dockerize generated project it gives me error that 'app.yml' is missing as Docker folder is not generated in client application. - Tried to add app.yml manually but it is not working as expected. I am new to Jhipster could you please guide me to achieve this dockerization task. – user3770669 Apr 23 at 9:59
  • Could you explain why you want separate containers for client and server? You will have to deal with CORS issues unless you use a reverse proxy. Separating client and server in different source folders does not mean you have to deploy them in distinct containers. Anyway, if you really want create a docker image for the angular part only, you must decide how you will serve the bundle : using spring boot would not make any sense because you separated client from server. So a good solution would be to use nginx and write your dockerfile from nginx standard image. There are plenty of examples. – Gaël Marziou Apr 23 at 10:19

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