I'm trying to import data from a large CSV into MongoDB using MongoImport. The date column type is giving me problems.

The CSV has the date in epoch time, but I want it saved into MongoDB was a normal date type.

I'm using --columnsHaveTypes with --fieldFile, but I can't figure out or find any answers anywhere for how to convert the date format on import.

The documentation makes it seem like I can use the Go Lang format of columnName.date(1136239445) (that's the reference time in the documentation), but that won't work. And I can't find any help in date_ms(<arg>) or date_oracle(<arg>).

As much as possible, this needs to be a hands-off operation because the large DB dump (SQLite3 format) will be automatically converted to CSV and imported to MongoDB without human input.

Thanks in advance!

  • Can you change the dump format. By default Sqlite stores date values as ISO string. – Wernfried Domscheit Apr 24 at 9:33
  • Is the timestamp correct? I would use 1136214245 – Wernfried Domscheit Apr 24 at 9:43
  • @WernfriedDomscheit, no, I can't change the dump format. 1136239445 is the reference time from the documentation. – Daniel J. Lewis Apr 24 at 14:18

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