How do i fix this problem of VS-Code in which it automatically jumps to next line after i type in one letter. Here is the example of the problem in the image It automatically goes into next line without the pressing the enter key. How do I solve this issue?This is the problem jumping into next line

  • are you typing in the diff view of the file (italics text in the tab)
    – rioV8
    Apr 24 at 17:43
  • No i was just typing as usual. But when i type a letter then it automatically jumps to next line. Apr 25 at 2:36
  • your image is not a normal editor but a diff view, close all tabs and open a file with Fille > Open or with the File Explorer in VSC
    – rioV8
    Apr 25 at 3:23

You can just disable autosave and that will stop it from jumping to next line.

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