I am currently very confused by using descendants for ActiveRecord::Base-Objects. I have browsed the internet and tested all solutions but none of them fits my needs.

What i want to do: Get an Array of all subclasses of ActiveRecord::Base, including subclasses of these subclasses, e.g.

Entity < ActiveRecord::Base
ChildEntity < Entity

Property < ActiveRecord::Base

My current problems: ActiveRecord::Base.descendants does NOT list all the classes inheriting from ActiveRecord::Base. Perhaps the fault is on my side: here my code.

 def all_entities

 def rec_all_entities(motherEntity)
    logger.debug("mother: " + motherEntity.to_s + " descendants: " + motherEntity.descendants.to_s)
    motherEntity.descendants.each do |childEntity|

For debbuging purpose I'm just printing out. I'm using Rails 3.

I think the fault must lie in my code. I'm calling the method currently just in the view with <% all_entities %>

Thanks for your help.


This worked well for me. Also, taken from Is there a way to get a collection of all the Models in your Rails app?

> Rails.application.eager_load!
> ActiveRecord::Base.descendants

If you're in development mode you must touch each model before it will be picked up by desendants

Taken from Is there a way to get a collection of all the Models in your Rails app?

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