After a lot of researching and trying out, and also asking for help, I've succeeded publishing a private Github repository using maven on Jitpack (written here).

So, currently the files that I put on the repository for Jitpack are just these:

  • jitpack.yml - tells which files to use
  • library-release.aar - the (obfuscated) code itself
  • pom-default.xml - the dependencies and some other configurations.

The problem

While dependencies issues and the AAR file itself are fine and I can use the library, I've noticed I can't find a way to offer what I wrote there as KDoc (like JavaDocs, but for Kotlin) to whoever uses it.

What I've tried

Besides the various gradle tasks, I've also tried the simple operation of Android Studio itself to produce it. Since there is no mention of KDoc, I used Tools->Generate JavaDocs instead.

Sadly, it told me there are none, and indeed it was reported here.

But even if it did succeed, I wouldn't have known how to publish it together with the rest of the files.

The question

I hope it's possible, but how can I generate&public KDoc using maven on Jitpack?


You need to use Dokka for auto documenting Kotlin project. You can find a brief explanation of Dokka on this article and also read the documentation if required.

Using the Gradle plugin

The preferred way is to use plugins block.


plugins {
    id("org.jetbrains.dokka") version "1.4.32" }

repositories {
    mavenCentral() }

The plugin adds dokkaHtml, dokkaJavadoc, dokkaGfm and dokkaJekyll tasks to the project.

Applying plugins

Dokka plugin creates Gradle configuration for each output format in the form of dokka${format}Plugin:

dependencies {
    dokkaHtmlPlugin("org.jetbrains.dokka:kotlin-as-java-plugin:1.4.32") }

You can also create a custom Dokka task and add plugins directly inside:

val customDokkaTask by creating(DokkaTask::class) {
    dependencies {
    } }

Please note that dokkaJavadoc task will properly document only single jvm source set

To generate the documentation, use the appropriate dokka${format} Gradle task:

./gradlew dokkaHtml

Please see the Dokka Gradle example project for an example.

Make sure you apply Dokka after com.android.library and kotlin-android.

buildscript {
    dependencies {
    } } repositories {
    mavenCentral() } apply(plugin= "com.android.library") apply(plugin= "kotlin-android") apply(plugin= "org.jetbrains.dokka")

dokkaHtml.configure {
    dokkaSourceSets {
        named("main") {
    } }

More at official GitHub repo - https://github.com/Kotlin/dokka You may like this article as well.

  • This looks promising! Which one should I use though? I want to at least be able to let the users of the library to see the docs when they use the functions and classes, meaning right in Android Studio. Is it automatic in some way? Do I need to run their task each time I change the code? – android developer May 6 at 11:45
  • I think you should use javadoc-plugin or android-documentation-plugin. Please follow the documentation at kotlin.github.io/dokka/1.4.32/user_guide/introduction -- it should be pretty straight forward. Won't take much time to set up – mayank1513 May 6 at 12:54
  • Have you tried it? Is it automatic? Which files are affected? The AAR? Or something else? Or something is added? Do I need to change the POM file or anything else? Using the dokkaHtml, does it create JavaDocs-like webpages so that you could browse everything on the web browser? – android developer May 6 at 13:33
  • Yes it does create JavaDocs-like webpages – mayank1513 May 6 at 13:51
  • OK sadly I can't try this in the near future, so if there is nothing better that I see here posted, I will grant the bounty to you. However, as long as I don't test it myself, I won't mark it as accepted. Please consider adding some important notes for a beginner like myself about this. I hope I will get it done in no time (when I go back to this). – android developer May 6 at 14:07

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