I am struggling to find a way to connect my iPhone to my ubuntu 20.04.

I installed macOS via sosumi and at launch file, I added this line:

-device usb-host,vendorid=0x05ac,productid=0x12a8 \

from lsusb I got this:

Bus 001 Device 009: ID 05ac:12a8 Apple, Inc. iPhone5/5C/5S/6

I also did:

sudo chmod a+w /dev/bus/usb/001/009

Also, I have given access to raw-usb.

Whats is happening is that my ubuntu recognizes the iPhone and tries to connect. I am suspecting that ubuntu is stealing the USB connection from sosumi. Any thoughts will be much appreciated.

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Ok, after 3 hours of searching i was able to find a solution.

I am referencing to two links

the line that did the trick was this one:

-device usb-host,vendorid=0x05ac,productid=0x12a8,guest-reset=false,id=iphone \
  • i tried in this way. but no luck Aug 6, 2022 at 11:01

To resolve the issue, I found that adding the following line to your QEMU command and running QEMU as the root user can be effective:

-device usb-host,vendorid=0x05ac,productid=0x1281

In my case, this solution worked. It's worth noting that the problem persisted when I did not execute QEMU as the root user.

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