Following the steps of the HTML boilerplate from Manuel Matuzovic to bring my own HTML up to speed, I ran into some Open Graph meta properties. Now, I'm skeptical about adding these, because it seems the only thing they do is integrate my content (web pages published in the open for anyone to read, with no tracker no ads) better into Facebook (a walled garden with trackers and ads).

To look for opinions, I searched for "should you add open graph to your website?" on various search engines, and all the results that come up told me how to add Open Graph to my website for Open Graph. What about the other side of the coin?

I've tried:

  • "fsf on open graph" (no counter opinion)
  • "against open graph" (nothing came up either)
  • "mozilla on open graph" (turned up a Firefox extension for Open Graph...)
  • "don't open graph" (new result! "Don't forget about OpenGraph" xD)

Eventually I thought of "what are the cons of open graph", which turned up two pages:

Have some folks in the open formulated more educated opinions. e.g. about the impact of the adoption of this protocol on the open web? Are there also some pros of Open Graph that contribute to the common good, e.g. enabling some semantic web features?

Can we share relevant links and discuss counter opinions here?

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