I'm working on Jhipster micro-services project, all works fine and good until i a

 websocket spring-websocket 

into the gateway application in my JDL file, now when I run the project I always get a failure

 Failed to instantiate [org.springframework.web.servlet.HandlerMapping]: Factory method 'stompWebSocketHandlerMapping' threw exception; nested exception is java.lang.IllegalStateException: No suitable default RequestUpgradeStrategy found

the application I'am use is right of the box generated from jhipster generator 7.0.0

the JDL I use is :

application {

config {

baseName usergateway,

packageName fr.teamsyst.trade4talent.usergateway,

applicationType gateway,

authenticationType jwt,

databaseType mongodb,

devDatabaseType mongodb,

prodDatabaseType mongodb,

serviceDiscoveryType eureka,

testFrameworks [protractor],

nativeLanguage fr,

languages [fr, en],

jhiPrefix t4t,

websocket spring-websocket,


entities *


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