Is there a way to change the polling interval of the AjaxDataSource?

Assuming the following is the data source:

source = AjaxDataSource(data_url=f"{data_url}", polling_interval=30000, mode='append', adapter=adapter, name='ajax_data_source')

and the following is the adapter (I have removed the manipulation that is done on data for brevity)

adapter = CustomJS(args=dict(first_plot=first_plot, first_plot_x_range=first_plot.x_range, first_plot_y_range=first_plot.y_range, source_column_names=source_column_names, ), 
                  let pts = cb_data.response.plot_data
                  return pts

I would like to adjust the polling interval while inside the adapter before returning the data to the data source. I am able to use the following line of code to get a handle of the data source and see its properties. Also, I am able to make a change to the data url so I can revise it to inform the server about the last data point I have on the screen. However, it is ignored when I try to change the polling interval even though the property shows the updated value.

So, the following works:

let data_source = Bokeh.documents[0].get_model_by_name(`ajax_data_source`)
data_source.data_url = 'some new url'

But, the following does not

let data_source = Bokeh.documents[0].get_model_by_name(`ajax_data_source`)
data_source.polling_interval = 1000
console.log(data_source.polling_interval) // this returns 1000 as expected

The data source continue to update with the old frequency

I was not able to provide a full working sample since this is embedded into a Django project

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