After upgrading Xcode to 12.5 and iOS to 14.5, I can't run the iOS app on a real device nor in the simulator.

After running npm run ios, I get this message:

The following build commands failed:
        CompileC .../Build/Intermediates.noindex/Pods.build/Debug-iphonesimulator/Flipper-Folly.build/Objects-normal/x86_64/DistributedMutex.o /Users/guilherme/Documents/Dood/ios/Pods/Flipper-Folly/folly/synchronization/DistributedMutex.cpp normal x86_64 c++ com.apple.compilers.llvm.clang.1_0.compiler

If I try to run the app on a real device using Xcode, this is the error I get (related to Flipper-Folly):

.../ios/Pods/Headers/Private/Flipper-Folly/folly/synchronization/DistributedMutex-inl.h:1051:5: 'atomic_notify_one<unsigned long>' is unavailable

Ideas? Thanks!


React native has been updated to 0.64.1. You can now just change your react-native dependency to this version within your package.json file, then run npm install

  • I'm experiencing the same issue, across different react native apps as well. – Erik Apr 28 at 0:12
  • There are few temporary workarounds regarding the macOs 11.3 update in React native's github github.com/facebook/react-native/issues/31179 – Andris Laduzans Apr 28 at 1:31
  • Same issue here. I guess we will have to wait for a fix – jvence Apr 28 at 8:38
  • Question for anyone, how is it possible that this failure started happening all of a sudden without any change on my workstation? On Monday yarn run ios was building fine. On Tuesday I ran the same command and got this error. – GladstoneKeep Apr 28 at 10:32
  • Remove "use_flipper!()" in Podfile or make comment. > pod install > run. – Ian Cho Apr 28 at 10:35

Here's a solution I found here: Link

Add this to your post_install in your Podfile:

post_install do |installer|

  ## Fix for Flipper-Folly on iOS 14.5
    "atomic_notify_one(state)", "folly::atomic_notify_one(state)")

    "atomic_wait_until(&state, previous | data, deadline)", "folly::atomic_wait_until(&state, previous | data, deadline)")

You'll also need to add the function def for this find_and_replace function (you can put this function anywhere in the podfile):

def find_and_replace(dir, findstr, replacestr)
  Dir[dir].each do |name|
      text = File.read(name)
      replace = text.gsub(findstr,replacestr)
      if text != replace
          puts "Fix: " + name
          File.open(name, "w") { |file| file.puts replace }
  Dir[dir + '*/'].each(&method(:find_and_replace))

Run pod install again and it should work. If you get an error relating to permissions while accessing the DistributedMutex-inl.h file, delete your /pods folder and run pod install again

You should see text print out that says Fix: Pods/Flipper-Folly/folly/synchronization/DistributedMutex-inl.h, etc. If you don't, double check the path in the find_and_replace call.

  • Can you please point where we should add this function inside the podfile ? – Umang Loriya Apr 28 at 16:07
  • 2
    You can drop that find_and_replace code anywhere in the Podfile. – Joe Chrysler Apr 28 at 17:15
  • Thanks! This solution works – Sakthivel Apr 29 at 10:41
  • Really just need to delete Pods/Flipper-Folly folder and the run pod install to fix the permissions issue. No need to delete the whole Pods folder. – James Xabregas May 1 at 1:09
  • Is this fix related to xcode 12.5 or iOS 14.5 (as per the comment), or is it the same thing? – IonicBurger May 4 at 10:02

There is an open RN issue here: https://github.com/facebook/react-native/issues/31179

For me commenting out Flipper in the Podfile, pod install, and rebuild worked as a temp solution.

  # Enables Flipper.
  # Note that if you have use_frameworks! enabled, Flipper will not work and
  # you should disable these next few lines.
  # use_flipper!
  # post_install do |installer|
  #   flipper_post_install(installer)
  # end
  • The only issue with this is that I use Firebase and Firebase can't be found without Flipper. – Guilherme Crozariol Apr 28 at 13:32
  • Can confirm this works as a temporary fix – AndrewTelkamp Apr 28 at 16:19
  • 1
    The solution below works best because it won't crash any dependencies. – Guilherme Crozariol Apr 28 at 18:10

Solution without losing Flipper functionality:

Define the upgraded dependencies for Flipper in the Podfile

React Native 62

def add_flipper_pods!(versions = {})
  versions['Flipper'] ||= '~> 0.87.0' 👈
  versions['DoubleConversion'] ||= '1.1.7'
  versions['Flipper-Folly'] ||= '~> 2.5.3' 👈
  versions['Flipper-Glog'] ||= '0.3.6'
  versions['Flipper-PeerTalk'] ||= '~> 0.0.4'
  versions['Flipper-RSocket'] ||= '~> 1.3.1' 👈

React Native 63

# Enables Flipper.
  # Note that if you have use_frameworks! enabled, Flipper will not work and
  # you should disable these next few lines.
  use_flipper!({'Flipper' => '0.87.0' 👈, 'Flipper-Folly' => '2.5.3' 👈, 'Flipper-RSocket' => '1.3.1' 👈})
  post_install do |installer|

cd ios && pod install and you should be good to go

React Native 64

Bump the version to 0.64.1 in the package.json

yarn install && pod install --repo-update && react-native run-ios


  • For React Native 63 Sadly not works and still got the bunch of errors :( – Oliver D yesterday
  • this works for me (0.63.4) use_flipper!({'Flipper' => '0.54.0', 'Flipper-Folly' => '2.3.0', 'Flipper-RSocket' => '1.1.0'}) :) – Oliver D yesterday

React native 0.64.1 has been released and will solve this. Just update the version number in package.json.

"react-native": "0.64.1",

No need to modify the Podfile if you do this


just comment out the flipper line in a pod and in Xcode also if you are not using it, hope this will fix in future updates.

# Note that if you have use_frameworks! enabled, Flipper will not work and
# you should disable the next line.
# use_flipper!({ 'Flipper' => '0.79.1'})
#   post_install do |installer|
#     react_native_post_install(installer)
#   end

IN Xcode comment all import and flipper variable


Upgrade to react native 0.64.1 (or higher)

if you moved from 0.63.x to 0.64.x make sure that in your Podfile you've updated the use_flipper! section post install:


post_install do |installer|


post_install do |installer|

run 'npx react-native-clean-project' from project root then from inside './ios' folder run 'pod install --repo-update' then maybe run 'pod update'

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