I am using offline-plugin package to develop my PWA from a React source code. So far I managed to config the plugin to cache the assets in cache storage, but the problem is that when I open the app without internet connection it won't serve the assets from cache-storage. I can not find out what I am missing in the config. here is my offline-plugin config in webpack

 new OfflinePlugin({
        relativePaths: true,
        // publicPath: 'static-files/',
        excludes: [".htaccess"],
        caches: {
          main: [":rest:"],
          optional: [],
        AppCache: {
          caches: ["main", "additional", "optional"],
          FALLBACK: { "/": "static-files/fallback.html" },
        appShell: "/",
        safeToUseOptionalCaches: true,
        responseStrategy: "cache-first",
        autoUpdate: true,
        ServiceWorker: {
          navigateFallbackURL: "/",
          publicPath: "/sw.js",
          output: "sw.js",
          events: true,
          prefetchRequest: {
            credentials: "include",
            mode: "cors",

and this is the cache storage of my app

enter image description here

Please let me know if I should provide more detail. Thanks in advance

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