I want to fetch a response body as string in selenium-wire which I will eventually parse as JSON.

response.body in selenium-wire gives bytes string. I tried decoding it as response.body.decode('utf-8') but this gives decoding error.

Can someone help me with this? I am fine with both solutions:

  1. Either a way to decode the bytes string as normal string
  2. A way to get response body as normal string in the first place

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By default selenium-wire returns body response as bytes.

The documentation says:

"The response body as bytes. If the response has no body the value of body will be empty, i.e. b''. Sometimes the body may have been encoded by the server - e.g. compressed. You can prevent this with the disable_encoding option. To manually decode an encoded response body you can do:

from seleniumwire.utils import decode

body = decode(response.body, response.headers.get('Content-Encoding', 'identity'))"

And it works for me.


I would like to share my solution, It's work for me.

In python >= 3.5.x

from seleniumwire import webdriver
import chromedriver_autoinstaller
import brotli

driver = webdriver.Chrome()


for request in driver.requests:
    if request.url == "https://www.facebook.com/":
        resp = request.response.body
        resp = brotli.decompress(resp)


put this:

decode(request.response.body, request.response.headers.get('Content-Encoding', 'identity'))

before you put the statement:


the full code:

from seleniumwire import webdriver
from seleniumwire.utils import decode as sw_decode

browser = webdriver.Chrome()


for request in browser.requests:
    if request.url == url:
        data = sw_decode(request.response.body, request.response.headers.get('Content-Encoding', 'identity'))
        data = data.decode("utf8")


the output:

<class 'str'>


I figured out a way to do this (not an ideal approach) While making the selenium webdriver object, you can pass a parameter options in which you can tell it explicitly to give decoded request and response objects and not as bytes.

  • Hi! I have the same problem with decoding the responses. May I ask, what parameter in options did you use/set so that the WebDriver would pass the objects ? Jun 21, 2021 at 16:54
  • 1
    options = {'disable_encoding': True}
    – hp2505
    Jun 29, 2021 at 8:07

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