I'm trying to cache the homepage for PWA I have the necessary files to cache:

var filesToCache = [
    // Here will go the resources to cache

this is the cache on the install

// Cache on install
self.addEventListener("install", event => {
            .then(cache => {
                return cache.addAll(filesToCache);

and the serve

// Serve from Cache
self.addEventListener("fetch", event => {
            .then(response => {
                return response || fetch(event.request);
            .catch(() => {
                return caches.match('/');

If I change the "/" for "/offline" URI it works correctly, but I have to change the cached "offline" view to the home view for use the web page without connection (only home)

this is the problem with the homepage cache: (status: cancelled, type: fetch, initiator: servicebrocker.js)

enter image description here

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