I'm trying to track a click on a button with my Facebook Pixel. I think it's a fbq('trackCustom','form_send'); situation but i'm not sure. I'm trying to let my GTM fire the trackCustom HTML but somehow none of the variables in de DataLayer are recognized. My idea is to have the Facebook Pixel recognize a click on the 'send' button as a custom event that i can then track via a custom conversion.

This is the code from the DataLayer:

  event: 'optimize.callback',
  gtm: {
    start: 1619697922505,
    uniqueEventId: 70,
    element: 'HTMLButtonElement: div.container > div.content > div.steps
              > div.step > div.content > div.personal-details > div.butt
             on-field > button.btn-send#button-send-form',
    elementClasses: 'btn-send',
    elementId: 'button-send-form',
    elementTarget: '',
    elementUrl: ''
  content-name: '/finish',
  content-view-name: 'Finish',
  target: 'finish',
  action: 'load',
  target-properties: null,
  value: '',
  interaction-type: false,
  eventModel: {callback: 'Function'}

And i've used the custom datalayer variables content-view-name & target as triggers (i've also used the content-view-name one without any other trigger). I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong...

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