Looking to break up and check individual cells from a CSV file that was pulled from Excel with Python 3.8. For example, I have a CSV file with the information Honda 1, Toyota 2, Nissan 3... I want to check each cell (not sure what to call the data before the comma delimiter) for an integer and then I want to remove it but also put it in its own cell. So the CSV would then read Honda, 1, Toyota, 2, Nissan, 3... The main goal would be to get those integers in a column next to the manufacturers in Excel.

I am pretty new to python but have some coding background. The logic I was thinking of would be something along the lines of, if char is int then add to new file else add N/A. My main problem is using the data in a csv file to do it. I thought about putting the data from the csv into a variable but the real csv file has over 20,000 cells so I'm not sure if that would be very efficient.

So far my code looks like this:

import csv

path = '/Users/testFolder/Test.csv'
new_path = '/Users/testFolder/Test2.csv'

test_file = open(path,'r')
data = test_file.read()

write_file = open(new_path,'w')

file = csv.reader(open(path), delimiter = ',')
for line in file:

  • Can you give a few lines from one of the files? Or is it just one line with all of the entries? – Brad Campbell Apr 29 at 20:55
  • Basically all the data is on a single line, if it was in excel it would all be in a row and each comma would be a new column – ssumme Apr 30 at 11:25

Assuming the parts of each item are separated by one or more spaces, you can do it a row-at-time (instead of reading the whole file into memory) like this:

import csv

path = 'remove_test.csv'
new_path = 'remove_test2.csv'

with open(path, 'r', newline='') as test_file, \
     open(new_path, 'w', newline='') as write_file:

    reader = csv.reader(test_file, delimiter=',')
    writer = csv.writer(write_file, delimiter=',')

    for row in reader:
        new_row = [part for item in row for part in item.split()]

  • @ssumme: Does this answer your question? – martineau Apr 30 at 13:37
  • Thank you this was really helpful! So what this did to my data was add a comma after every word for example originally it was "Honda 1" now it is "Honda, 1" so now I just need to figure out how to go through the csv and whenever there is an int add that to a new file and if no int add N/A. – ssumme Apr 30 at 13:55

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