Getting this error in console:

Uncaught Error: Invalid value "{"Appointment":"239290003","Vendor":"IRTo dfj POI LTD T/A RT MEMO TO Order(PTY","VendorID":"2342","CourierDescr":"Test Couriers","Court":"OBC"}" for segment "{DocumentID}". at B (eval at evalModuleStr (jquery.sap.global-dbg.js:3485), :7484:7413) at String.replace () at Object.y [as interpolate] (eval at evalModuleStr (jquery.sap.global-dbg.js:3485), :7484:7670) at R.interpolate (eval at evalModuleStr (jquery.sap.global-dbg.js:3485), :7484:4999) at constructor.getURL (eval at evalModuleStr (jquery.sap.global-dbg.js:3485), :1185:44) at constructor.getURL (eval at evalModuleStr (jquery.sap.global-dbg.js:3485), :1206:156) at constructor.navTo (eval at evalModuleStr (jquery.sap.global-dbg.js:3485), :1213:34)

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Navigation parameters are mapped to the URL. Therefore this should be the keys you need in the target view to request this object from the odata model.

If that's a strange app, not following guidelines store the object in a model attached to the component. But routing becomes a bit pointless with his method.

If it's an object being created; store it in a json-model linked to the component. Hence there is no need to pass anything.


Getting this error while navigating from one sapui5 view to another because the object I am passing through the

this.oRouter.navTo("toProductList", { StoreID: aItemResults.StoreID, DocumentID: btoa(JSON.stringify(oDetail)) });

Value oDetail.Vendor "Vendor":"IRTo pdf POI LTD T/A RT MEMO TO Order(PTY" contains a backslash and it is invalid.

So just need to use this method btoa(JSON.stringify(oDetail)) it would change the entire string into base64 and in another view, you need to decode it using the below method.


The issue would be resolved by encoding and decoding the string.

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