When I input none value or other values that do not match with the patientName and patientNRIC in the database(sqlite), print(patient_data) shows Response 200, then there will be error in converting the patient_data into json bcs the patient_data actually contains no data, and is not None. How should I do so that I can make sure that the function can take it None values at the same time is able to validate/make sure patient_data contains information then return true or return json otherwise return false. Below is the fun with django url. Thank you for your help.

def by_nric_name(patientsNRIC=(None,''), patientsName=(None,'')):
    params = {'patientName': patientsName, 'patientNRIC': patientsNRIC}
    django_url = "http://85c867e79dc5.ngrok.io/bynricandname/"
    patient_data = requests.get(django_url, params=params)
    patient_data = patient_data.json()
    return patient_data

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