I'm trying to login with limited mode, but get the error:

Bad access token: code 190, bad signature

Login in with tracking: .enabled works as expected.

Any ideas on what to do? Thanks

    let config = LoginConfiguration(permissions: [.publicProfile], tracking: .limited)!
    LoginManager().logIn(configuration: config) {            
        switch $0 {
        case .success(_, _, let token):
            let credential = FacebookAuthProvider.credential(withAccessToken: token?.tokenString ?? AuthenticationToken.current?.tokenString)
            FirebaseAuthHelper.AuthApp().signIn(with: credential) { (_, error) in
                // Error

        case .cancelled:
        case .failed(let error):

Make sure that you are using old Facebook Login not Facebook Login for Gaming (Facebook Limited Login) You can check under Products in Facebook Developer Portal. If your App type is "Gaming services" then you don't have old Facebook Login as a product, You need to delete your app and create new one.

Currently Firebase is only validating old Facebook Login,There is a feature request for Unity-sdk, but it's more related to firebase backend.

Temporary workaround is to configure a generic OIDC provider by upgrading to GCIP. (OIDC) And you can use OAuthProvider to sign-in with Firebase Auth SDK. They have a different billing structure though since it charges a small amount per MAU.

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