Is it possible to handle the push notification from any js than service worker ? If yes, how ?

My situation:

I recently implemented web push notification in my project (I followed this tuto from google).

I have in my project: index.html , index.js and a service-worker

In my index.js, there is moment I make appear a loader as spinner. I want to wait until I get a push notification from my server that would send me, for example, an ID. Once the notification is received, I want to remove my loader and display a pop-up/dialog in my index.js

How to do that ? How to notify my index.js that I receive a push notification ? Can we also catch the push notification in index.js in addition to service-worker ? Can we handle push notification from index.js ?

What I tried: My service-worker:

self.addEventListener('push', function(event) {
    console.log('[Service Worker] Push Received.');
    console.log(`[Service Worker] Push had this data: "${event.data.text()}"`);

    if (event.data.text().toLowerCase().indexOf("id") >= 0) {
      displayDialog(event.data.text()); // HERE I tried to call a function from index.js, but not working
    const title = 'My project';
    const options = {
      body: `${event.data.text()}`,
      icon: './images/logo/logo192.png',
      badge: './images/logo/logo192.png'
    event.waitUntil(self.registration.showNotification(title, options));
self.addEventListener('notificationclick', function(event) {
    console.log('[Service Worker] Notification click Received.');

My index.js (There is not all my code but in index.js I also subscribe or unsubscribe from push notification):

function displayDialog(id) {
  $(."loader").hide(); // I remove the loader
  // Here I display my dialog and do other things
$(."loader").show(); // Now I have to wait that I receive a push notification from my server

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