I develop an app which consists of a bunch of native views as well as a number of PWA views which are all shown in WKWebView. In the latest release of iOS, which also came with Safari 14.1, there is a weird issue with the animations in the PWA views.

When the app is started everything looks good, but after showing some animations it seems like they skip more and more frames and after a couple of minutes of usage the animations are skipped altogether. After some digging it seems like it specifically is Angular animations using Web Animations API that gets messed up, CSS transforms and transitions work. The Angular animations are used to simulate view controllers getting pushed or views showing as overlays, so after using the app for a while it basically looks like the pushes go from animated: true to animated: false. After closing the app and reopening it is working again, so I'm thinking it might be a leak or something like that.

It's not specifik to one single WKWebView either, if one starts to lag in this way, all of them do. I've tried reading up on Apples release notes as well as the release notes for Safari 14.1 on webkit.org, but to no avail.

Has anyone had any similar issues, or any idea what might be the problem? I'd be happy to give more information if it's needed.

  • real device or simulator ? – zeytin Apr 30 at 9:22
  • @zeytin both, discovered on real device, installed Xcode 12.5 and it's on simulator as well. It's not super consistent, I mean it always happens eventually but sometimes it's fairly instant and sometimes it takes a couple of animations before they start lagging. – ImNoTree Apr 30 at 10:01