Domains of our project are always get in black list.

How can we send information to PWA about new mirror-domain and get it redirected to it?

When the domain is getting blocked, service-worker doesn't wake up at all and we see page with error. How can we wake it up and make request to our redirector for new working domain?

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    Hello. Welcome to Stack Overflow. Please provide info what have you tried so far, why wasn't it working, and info on how is you PWA structured (are you using a framework? which one?) – n-smits Apr 30 at 12:46
  • Hi! We used webpack for building PWA. Main problem that we can't start service-worker if domain is blocked. It seems like service-worker needs to receive data from site before starting. – Mantika Apr 30 at 12:54
  • Can you edit the question to provide fuller information? – Anton Krug May 2 at 13:27

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